Island Glow Spray Tanning - Studio & Mobile Services

Benefits of spray tanning:

No harmful rays from the sun
Instant color
It’s actually GOOD for your skin
Makes you look 10 lbs lighter INSTANTLY
Covers stretch marks, scars, skin imperfections
DOESN'T cause wrinkles, sun spots or skin cancer like regular UV tanning
Its QUICK…instant tan in 15 min. or less

Island Glow Bronzers

It’s actually GOOD for your skin 
Natural, Organic Ingredients
Quality Ingredients in all of our solutions include:
Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Caramelized Sugar, Walnut Shell Extract, Cranberry Seed Extract, Hawaiian Sea Extract, Sea Kelp, Vitamin C, Organic Oils

Norvell products ROCK                       
Melanoma is a KILLER!! ISLAND GLOW is the answerIsland Glow believes strongly in AVOIDING the damaging effects of the sun. We have experienced Melanoma first hand and want to be able to educate our clients and offer "the next best thing" to the SUN.
Please take the time to understand ALL that you can about skin cancer.

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